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Be assured that ALL services offer Joe's utmost attention, talent, and full range of appropriate gear. 


Mastering - Digital Single
This is specially geared toward artists, small labels, and publishers that may not wish to get bogged down in the mastering process, yet know that they want the highest quality mastering at a great price. 
This option returns one digital delivery file type, includes one revision if desired, and is not attended.

It's easy and a track is $150.  Matching instrumental or TV track done at the same time is $50.

Email alex@theplaceformastering.com: 
  • Artist name
  • Track name
  • Your comments
  • One reference track (optional) for Joe to match in style and level from a similar artist or something from your past
  • What format you wish for the file to be returned to you:  The most common request is .wav file at 44.1/16, but if you prefer a different type, please let us know what it is
  • Contact information including phone and email
  • Deadline (if less than one week)
  • Payment info contact info and payment method (Paypal, cash, check, money order)
Alex will email you back the web address for your music files and an approximate date to expect your returned mastering.  Please see our submission page for tips. 

Joe does the mastering and returns your mastered music through a downloable link.  That's it!

The "Easy Does It" plan is also a great way to sample our mastering before committing to an album.  If you do a single from your album with us and then select us to do your album (including our mastered version of the single), we will deduct the $150 single price from your album.

This service does not include a mix review, but if there is something egregiously wrong with the track, such as a serious drop out or missing channel, you will be notified and mastering will be suspended until you resubmit the track. 

This service is for individual tracks only. If you wish to create an album or EP, please see Traditional Indie Package below.

There is no charge until the actual mastering takes place.

Mastering - Custom Indie Single
This is a highly customized single that includes discussion of track, mix review, mastering, tweaks, and file return of your choice
The Custom Indie Single is especially recommended if you are new to mastering in general or mastering with us. You may wish to try this option for a special single or before you finalize your mixes for an album so you may use Joe's comments and final mastering to help you determine the best way to finalize the rest of the album.

Mastering - Indie Package for EPs and Albums

We have been using this working style for many years, and find that it gives the artist quite a bit of control over the project, but keeps costs in check with a single price quote given up front.  The standard package consists of:
  1. contacting Joe either via email, phone, or dropping in to discuss your project
  2. mix comments, if requested
  3. one track mastered ahead, until your satisfaction, to act as a template for the rest of the project
  4. the main mastering session (unattended)
  5. some studio time after the main mastering session to make any adjustments/tweaks
 To get a price for this package, please email alex@theplaceformastering.com with your project's:
  • artist name
  • total number of songs (please note if there are multiple versions and/or configurations)
  • total running time in minutes
  • who did your recording and mixing
  • format of sources/mixes (including sample rate & bit depth)
  • how many references are required and whether digital or on disc
  • if a production master is required and whether DDP or PMCD
  • if any sets of digital files are required and what format(s)
  • For scheduling purposes, if you have any set deadlines or wish to meet
  • Include any comments you wish such as style of music, sonic concerns, the name of an album you particularly like the sound of, scheduling concerns, etc. 
  • If you have a set budget, please let us know up front, and Alex will see if she can accommodate it.
Studio Director Alex Rockafellar will reply via email with a quote, typically within two business days.


Mastering - A la Carte
This option is primarily for commercial releases of major label and corporate clients, but our indie artists are welcome to use this option if they wish to master without limits of any kind.  We charge an hourly rate plus each individual part requested.  It can be used with singles, EPs, or albums.

Please contact Alex with the same project information as the "Traditional Indie Package" so that she may give an estimate of cost and schedule.

Mixing - Singles, EPs, Albums
Please contact alex@theplaceformastering.com to set up a time to discuss your project. Pricing varies.

Drums/Percussion - Composing and live recording
Joe will work with you to come up with a perfect drum part for your track, then record it live in his studio.  Please contact alex@theplaceformastering.com

Not sure which plan is best for you?
Don't see exactly what you need? 

Contact alex@theplaceformastering.com or call 615-686-1725. 
She will put together a plan that works best for you.  We don't mind mixing and matching!

Check out the Tips from Alex page for information on Master formats and text fields.