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Joe Palmaccio has been mastering major and independent album projects of all styles of music for more than 27 years.  His mastering of hundreds of albums for an enormous variety of artists, producers, and record labels has earned him an industry-wide reputation as a highly respected expert in the field of mastering.  Joe's expertise allows him to skillfully master anything from the latest digital single to timeless catalogs of the past. 

From 1999 until opening The Place in 2006, Joe worked at Sony Music Studios in New York City.  Other former posts include Sterling Sound (1995-1998) PolyGram Studios (1990-1995) and Bonneville Broadcasting (1988-1990).

Joe was born in rural South Carolina and grew up in the Chicagoland area.  He is a graduate of Indiana University (Bloomington) where he majored in telecommunications and minored in religious studies.  Joe studied trumpet formally before realizing his real passion for drumming.  He plays, builds, and selectively collects drums to this day.   

Please visit the Artist Roster and Awards section of this site to view Joe’s wide range of clients and depth of experience in mastering.

Allmusic.com also maintain an extensive list of artists and projects Joe has worked on (search under the names Joe Palmaccio and Joseph M. Palmaccio).

PapaJo Palmaccio seated at one of the drum kits he built and plays regularly.

Visit the PapaJo Drumming page for more info.