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Submission Requirements

As far as how to prepare your mixes, just make them sound the best you can!  Here is a list of tips and requirements:

  • Please leave a little head room (3 to 5 dB) so that Joe has some room to work/process. 
  • Keep the mixes in the native sample rate you've been working in and keep the bit rate high (24 bit). INCLUDE the sample rate and bit depth in the documentation.
  • Stereo interleaved .wav files are preferred.
  • Send all .wav files on CD-R or DVD-R using the ISO disc protocol.  Or, please email alex@theplaceformastering.com to get our FREE and EASY to use dedicated dropbox address.
  • Name each file with the song name and version.  You may include vocal up and vocal down mixes, but please label them as such.
  • Leave 5 seconds of silence/room tone before and after each song.
  • Do your own fade outs -- and still add 5 seconds of silence.
  • If you, as the engineer, provided the artist with limited/compressed mixes to listen to, please provide them to us so Joe knows what the artist has been listening to.
  • Provide the final track list in order and an ISRC for each song if you are using them.  Please visit usisrc.org for an explanation of and application for ISRCs.
  • Indicate who the contact is for the project and their contact info including phone and email.
We must receive your mixes at least one business day before your session so that we can organize, load, and check them.  If your mixes are not here that far ahead, we may have to reschedule your session.



We accept bank checks, cash, PayPal, and US postal money orders. We no longer accept debit or credit cards.

Payment is due the date of your session.  Files will not be released until payment is received.

If your mixes are sent electronically:
Please drop off cash or mail a check or money order to arrive before your session date.

If you ship us your mixes: please include your check or money order in the package:

Make a check or money order payable to The Place...For Mastering.