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"The record sounds great!
Thank you so much for all of the extra time and effort you put in to this.
I've learned so much thru this process and you're help has been invaluable."
--Gregory Lattimer, NOW Records



From our very first "Easy Does It" client:
"The masters sound amazing!!!  Thanks so much for dealing with me. Please pass on my thanks to Joe, he's got a great ear. 
My friend who played key's on the tracks thinks it is really great too."

--Dougie Crosbie, Scotland

RayCharlesDVDcvr_1.jpg "We’d like to make special mention of the audio mastering by the brilliant Joe Palmaccio who, in addition to hundreds of stellar projects, did the acetate restoration and mastering of the GRAMMY-nominated Hank Williams – The Complete Mother’s Best Recordings box. He took our damaged 50-year-old radio tapes that were less than ideally recorded and brought out a brilliant, fully rounded sonic clarity that we could have only hoped was somehow buried in those tapes." --  from the Producers' Notes, Ray Charles Live in France 1961

oh yeah.PNG-for-web-normal.jpg You did a wonderful job mastering my album. After listening to the first track I received from you, I just thought YESS!!!
Great service as well, from the first time I contacted you;) 
I`ll recommend you to my studio clients in the future.

Kjetil Linnes
Lydstudio, Alta Norway


"The masters sound incredible! You did a spectacular job."
--John Condit, The Inscape

HOGHEDZ_0.jpg Hello Joe and Alex –
I would like to thank you for your truly outstanding and inspired mastering job for RIDE LOUD RIDE PROUD by HOGHEDZ™.  Not only was Alex a genuine pleasure to work with, but the quality of the work you did, Joe, was the best I have ever encountered in my life.  The CD really pops, and without the over-compression so often encountered.
Thank you Joe, and thank you, Alex.  An inspirational job!  You folks obviously love what you are doing.
Kemp Massengill (PS Eddie)
Lead Producer


"Hey Alex, Joe's work was first class as usual, and you're great to work with, always on top of things and incredibly pleasant to talk to!"
--Warren Hibbert WH3 Music Productions for Rachel Allyn 



"Hey Joe and Alex!  Well, we've had a week to listen to the album about a thousand times, and everyone agrees that it sounds absolutely fantastic.  Joe, you've really taken our music to another level of quality, and we're thankful and excited.  Again thanks so much for being committed to helping us sound our best!"
--Shane Smith for The Drew Yardis Project

"Thanks so much for the fantastic job you did on our record.  Your mastering really made it come to life.  It sounds amazing.  We will be doing every project from this point forward with you!"
-- Zack Baldauf of Virgin Millionaires


Polar Bear_0.jpg I tried two other mastering companies and The Place... For Mastering was significantly better, both in sound quality and customer service. Even though I don't live in Nashville, and couldn't be there for the mastering, I felt, very much, a part of the process. They were easy to communicate with and kept me abreast of everything that was going on.
Several times, I had to put the mastering on hold to make adjustments in the studio, and they were always understanding and flexible. My recording was always treated as a priority. Even though we haven't met in person (yet), Joe and Alex are like long-distance friends, and they played a vital role in the creation of my album.

Aaron Craker
Dr. Vitamin



"Joe has amazing ears period.  His talent and experience as a Mastering Engineer are without compare and are obvious in the first reference he sends you.  He has a seasoned command of the technology accompanied by outstanding artistic sensibilities to create the optimum listening 'environment' for any song, singer, or genre of music.  I trust him with my mixes implicitly."

-- Todd Whitelock, Freelance Engineer, Whitelock Audio


"Joe and The Place...For Mastering treated our project like we were major label artists.  Before he ever started mastering the project, there were many discussions about what we wanted out of the process.  We were thrilled with the final result.  It sounded exactly like we wanted and elevated our indie release well beyond our expectations.  We hope to use The Place...For Mastering for all our future releases."
-- Steve Katsikas and Little Atlas



"Joe, I want to commend you for the mastering on the two Isley Brothers albums.  They sound tremendous from beginning to end.  The most astounding sounding "Groove with You" I have ever heard.  I have several different masterings of this track and yours cannot be touched.  Brilliant job and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work.  Thanks again!"
-- Frank Ursoleo, President, Iconoclassic Records

cover_0.jpg "After first reviewing the numerous projects that Joe Palmaccio has worked on, I was immediately impressed and intimidated.  As an independent artist, I've always wanted to work with an engineer who could provide an outcome equal in quality to that of the major labels; but I wasn't sure if I could afford it.  I found that The Place...For Mastering was both, accommodating and affordable, leaving me with a project that I couldn't be happier with."
-- Eleisha Eagle, independent artist

MichaelHardie175.jpg "When we started our independent project our goal was to do what it takes to make a real record that could stand with the major labels.  That involved getting the right people.
When all the recording and mixing was done and it was time to bring the project home, we did our research to find someone with the kind of background and resume that would really finish our product.  Joe Palmaccio stood out.  Our record was roots and blues oriented so the fact that he had mastered Scorcese's Blues film really caught our eye.  Of course, his 3 Grammys and work with a wide range of artists sealed the deal.
I took our final disc to Nashville to The Place...For Mastering and could not have been more pleased with my experience.  Alex was extremely prompt with all the information I needed and when I arrived she and Joe were very hospitable and attentive to my desires and needs.  Joe really went the extra mile to make sure we got the result we wanted.  The reaction from our fans and people in the business has been over the top.  I highly recommend The Place...For Mastering to anyone wishing to make a truly professional record."
-- Michael Hardie, Artist and Founder of Worldhaus Records

Joe and Randy Melson 150.JPG "Joe put the final touches on my last two independent record projects and I couldn't be happier...not only did his mastering bring our mixes to the next level (of clarity and warmth), but he's a great guy to work with.  He is flexible and open minded and willing to go the extra mile.  Thanks, Joe, and I'm looking forward to many more."
-- Randy Melson, independent producer/bass player



"You did a great job and I like the way you hear.  The stuff is pretty darn close to the way I mixed it, just better, and that's how I view a good Mastering guy."
-- John Seymour, producer, engineer, mixer