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The Place…For Mastering was built to deliver pristine sonics and accurate monitoring.  The room is a hybrid design of discreet high voltage analog processing combined with an ultra-accurate digital signal path.  The two transfer paths can be used exclusive of one another or combined to suit the project passing through them.  A minimal amount of high quality cabling is used to keep the signal path short.

All electronic components used at The Place were chosen as part of a larger system.  Processors include:  SPL, Maselec, Great River, Empirical Labs, Inward Connections, Smart Research, Weiss, Lavry, Cube-Tec, Antelope Audio, Pacific Microsonics and Lavry Engineering.

Analog playback (1/4” & 1/2”) is available from a fully restored ATR Services (Mike Spitz) Ampex ATR-102.

Digital editing is performed on a customized Sequoia Digital Audio Workstation.

Monitoring is via Eggleston Andra I loudspeakers and Pass Labs X-350 amplification.


  • Mastering of albums, EPs, singles
  • Mastered for iTunes
  • Mixing of albums, EPs, singles
  • Mix review/critique
  • Vinyl Master prep*
  •  Digital Editing
  • DAT transfers
  •  Analog Tape Restoration/Transfers (1/4”, 1/2", stereo, mono) - expert tape baking when necessary
  •  Digital Restoration and Noise Removal of historic recordings
  •  Archiving
  •  Digital Remastering
  •  Parts Creation
  • Live drum tracks composed and recorded
*We prepare the vinyl Master so it can be cut by the lathe engineer of your choosing


Digital files including: .WAV -- any sample rate and bit depth
Analog 2 track (1/2", 1/4") Dolby A or SR
if you do not see your format listed, please contact us as we can likely accommodate


DDP 2.00 - disc or direct upload

Ground-up studio designed and built by Joe Palmaccio 2017
Click here to see the article in Mix Magazine.